Camelot HQ

Manage your voters and constituents

See everything about your voters at a glance. Powerful microtargeting lets you segment your voters, and custom tags and notes let you track everything you learn.

Voting likelihood scores
Automatically generated voting likelihood based on voter history
Never forget follow-up
Record, categorize, and assign tasks for each person
Tag & categorize voters
Unlimited custom tagging helps keep track of voter intelligence
See past & future events
View events people have RSVPed for or attended, or add new responses
Full contact log
Never forget a conversation—see all past voter contact

Voter data at your fingertips

Every voter has a comprehensive, easy-to-use record. At a glance you can see everything you need to know: name and contact information, voting history, user notes, and more.

You can also create unlimited tags and custom fields—free-text fields, yes/no questions, fields with pre-set options, and more—so you record everything you need to know. We’ll keep track of event and contact history for you as well.

Easily find your likely voters

Camelot stores your voters’ electoral history, so you always know when and how people voted. You can search that information as well: for instance, it’s easy to find people who voted in the last primary but not in the general election.

More importantly, our algorithms calculate a voting likelihood score for every voter based on their voting history and registration information. So in the waning days of a big campaign, you know where to target your GOTV efforts.

Powerful & easy-to-use microtargeting

Camelot lets you query your voter database by just about any criteria you’d like, including any custom fields you’ve created and a voter’s contact history.

We also allow more flexibility in your searches than just about anybody. For instance, you can find people who have voted in any 2 of 4 elections you specify, or you can use an OR group to find people who match at least one of several criteria.

Create unlimited custom lists

You can save any query as a custom list, which you can then use for outreach by email, direct mail, phone, or door-to-door canvass.

That means you don’t need one-size-fits-all outreach: tailor your messaging to specific groups that are as broad or as narrow as you’d like.

You can also use groups as a way to save common or complex queries that you need—lists are constantly updated to reflect changes in your voter data.

Get to know your voters

For every search query or list—or for your database as a whole—you can see a series of reports on a moment’s notice. Compare lists by party affiliation, demographics, and any custom tags you create.

Reports can also help you set strategy. For instance, you can figure out which issues (recorded with a custom field or tags) are most important to young women who are registered as Democrats, or the level of support for people who consider gun control an important issue.