Camelot HQ

Phone banking from anywhere

Phone banks are an easy way to contact your voters. In the past, they required a call center and dedicated callers. With Camelot, you can enlist volunteers from anywhere to make calls on their cell phones. Since Camelot is entirely online, volunteers can record the results of their calls on their own computers.

Customized scripting
Upload a PDF script or write your scripting with rich text, customized for the caller and recipient
See the whole household
See who else is at this number, and optionally record data for the whole family
In-line data entry
Make data entry easy—your callers enter data as they read their scripts, using tags, custom fields, notes, and more
Track what comes next
Add a task right from your call sheet, so the right person follow up at the right time
Real-time statistics
See call progress, a breakdown of recorded results, and even how your numbers are trending over time

Make calls from anywhere, with dynamic scripting

Your volunteers can make as many calls as they want, from anywhere, using their own phones.

And you don’t have to be there to provide guidance for them. Just create a custom script that asks any questions you want. You can insert the caller’s and recipient’s names right in the script. And your questions are in the script as well, mapped on the back end to your own tags and custom fields.

See how your callers are doing

Check at a glance how many calls you’ve made and with what result, so you can easily monitor how much progress you’ve made and whether you need more manpower.

You can also see a custom graphical report for every question you ask, so you know not just how many people you’ve reached, but exactly what they’re telling you.

Automatically log your calls

Keep track of what’s happening with a running log of all calls made. You can see who has contacted whom and with what result, so you can spot trends as they develop.

Your call log is great for knowing whick callers are calling less frequently than others, what time your response rate starts falling off, and more.