Camelot HQ

Record, analyze, and process contributions

Camelot allows you to track contributions, merge your donor and voter databases, and analyze fundraising activity. You can even receive credit card contributions, with funds deposited directly in your bank account.

Separate fundraising drives
Record donations through individual fundraising campaigns
Record contributions
Easily record donations—even charge credit cards directly
Powerful filtering
Filter by contribution date, amount, and donor
Analyze & understand
Improve fundraising by understanding when and why it works

Easily record—and receive—donations

Record as many donations and pledges as you can generate. You can even charge credit cards directly—just enter the payment information, and we’ll deposit the funds in your bank account.

As you’re entering information, we’ll automatically search for matching voters. You can add donations to any existing record to prevent duplication, or add a new record if none exists.

Drill down deeper

Camelot doesn’t just help you record and receive funds—it lets you understand your data more completely.

Filter your contribution data to see fundraising statistics for a particular time period or donation amount. It’s easy to see, for example, how small-dollar contributions in Q1 compared to those in Q2, or whether big donations are increasing.

You can also easily filter by names, so it’s easy to find an individual’s or a family’s donation history.

Distinguish between fundraising drives

Your fundraising tracking should mimic your real-world fundraising efforts. Camelot allows you to categorize donations into different fundraising drives.

Set goals for your fundraising drives so you know how you’re performing, and see drive-specific statistics to see how different fundraising appeals affect your donations.

Data-driven decision making

It’s essential to keep your finger on the fundraising pulse—and Camelot makes it easy as well.

For any subset of donations you choose—filtered by drive, amount, date, or donor—see how much cash you’ve received, from how many donors, and when.

Reports are updated in real time, so you know right away when you have a successfully strategy worth replicating—or when you have a drop-off you need to fix.