Camelot HQ

Track RSVPs and attendance for offline events

Your voter database is most valuable when it can connect your online data with your offline world. Camelot helps you track RSVPs and attendance for any of your real-world events, so you can these events at the door and keep track of which supporters have responded and attended.

Filter events by location
Events are automatically geocoded, plotted on a map, and searchable
See what’s coming up
Keep track of your next few events so nothing is forgotten
At-a-glance previews
See a summary of all events in an an area at once

Put your events on a map

Every time you create or edit an event, we’ll automatically geocode it for you, so you can easily tell where your events are, not just when and what they are.

Geocoded data is also fully searchable, so you can find events in a given time period within a certain distance of any location you specify.

Building on your existing voter data

Adding RSVPs is simple: just choose your event, select the response, and start entering the name and contact information for your supporter.

As you enter information, we’ll automatically search your database for matching people. That can save you from duplicate data—and spare you some typing.

Of course, you can also enter an RSVP or record attendance right from any voter’s page.

Designed for your event staff

Camelot doesn’t just help you track RSVPs for your events—it also helps you during events themselves.

During an event, you can pull up a list of people who have responded. As they arrive, just check off their names to record their attendance.

Attendance data is fully searchable, so you can send a thank-you note to those who attended and some more information for those who could not.

Share your events publicly, with Grassroots

With a Camelot Grassroots account, you can publish events on your website. Your supporters can search public events, read descriptions, and RSVP online.

You don’t need any technical knowledge to post events online with Grassroots—you don’t even need a website. We’ll do all the hosting, under your domain name (if you have one) or ours.