Camelot HQ

Share, discuss, and refine your documents

Camelot helps campaigns store and collaborate on their key documents. Store every version of your strategy memos, flyers, and more. You can also keep your private documents private and never lose a revision.

Automatic versioning
Keep every version, with change notes, so you never lose an edit
Track key documents
Stay on top of updates to documents that matter to you
For public or private
Keep incomplete documents private until you’re ready to share
Previews in your browser
See the full version for dozens of file formats, no download required

Upload, preview, and share your documents

Most campaigns share documents by email, so nobody knows the latest draft and earlier versions are lost. Your document library lets you keep every important document in one version, where users can easily download it.

For dozens of types of files (Word documents, PDFs, images, and more), you can see a preview right in your browser—no need to download anything to read a document or leave your comments.

Never lose a version

Camelot keeps every revision of every document so you never lose a draft. We’ll always show you a preview of the latest version, so nobody works off an old copy, but you can easily see previous drafts to incorporate deleted content.

Every revision can also include comments, so you know what has changed and why.

Organized just how you like it

Create unlimited folders to keep your campaign’s most important documents in order, so you can always find them when you need them.

Of course, you can move documents between folders when your organization changes. And if you choose to follow important documents, they’ll always be accessible in one place.