Camelot HQ

Create labels and lists for direct mailings

Even as new technologies have taken hold in modern campaigns, direct mail remains a staple for contacting voters. Camelot allows you to generate mailings for any voters you?d like and record the documents you send to your constituents.

Record mailing documents
Upload & preview documents you mail, so you never forget
Export for bulk mail
Generate CSV imports, including all address data, for mail fulfillment
Generate mailing lables
Generate individual or household mailing labels in standard Avery formats

Features for creating online community with groups

  • Target any custom voter list
  • Upload documents used for mailings
  • Address to individuals or households
  • Labels for common Avery formats
  • Export to CSV for bulk mailing
  • Live preview of label format
  • Mailings saved to voter contact history
  • Optionally include USPS bulk mail fields
  • View single-page label previews

Automatically generate mailing labels

No need to hand-address envelopes or fumble around with a manual mail merge. Just choose the voter list to target, choose a label format, and print a formatted PDF.

To save on shipping costs, you can choose to have households automatically combined. We’ll take care of the addressing, using an individual’s name, a couple’s names, or a family name, depending on the number of recipients.

Export for bulk mail fulfillment

For larger mailings, export contact data for your targeted list (including any USPS bulk mail fields you’ve stored) to a CSV file that your bulk mail shop can handle.

As with mailing labels, we’ll handle the householding however you’d like—send everybody a letter, or send one per family.

Upload documents to track who receives what

Upload the docoument you’re sending with each mailing. As you look back at old mailings—even small, targeted issue mailings—you can tell who received which mailings.

Files are stored in your document library and use the same preview, right in the browser, for dozens of file formats.