Camelot HQ

Canvass your voters, on paper or online

Camelot makes it easy for canvassers to conduct targeted, door-to-door outreach. Just choose the voters to target, upload a script, and Camelot will automatically generate your walk sheets—for use on paper or online.

Not all encounters are equal
Don’t just look at doors knocked—look at sucsess instead
Make assignments
Avoid confusion—assign your canvassers their own street
How far you have to go
Keep an eye on your progress, even from your home computer
Focus on results
Gather useful data, and easily see what you’ve learned

Features for creating online community with groups

  • Segment by city, precinct, street
  • Autoamtic household aggregation
  • Odd/even split for easy block walking
  • Assign streets to canvassers
  • Progress by canvasser or area
  • Real-time breakdown of tags applied
  • Record status (busy, not home, etc.)
  • Optionally hide contacted households
  • Record by smartphone or tablet
  • Generate paper walk sheets
  • Contact history added to voter records
  • Fully searchable contact history

Actionable data, recorded from anywhere

Speaking to voters is rarely your biggest challenge—the problem is recording the results of your conversations in a useful way.

With Camelot, your canvassers can record results on smartphones or tablets as they walk, or they can easily report their results later.

And the data is always actionable—notes and tags are applied right to your voter records.

Know where you need to walk

We provide all the data you need, in real time, to see how your canvass is progressing

In addition to an overview of progress throughout the canvass, you can see progress broken down by city, precinct, and street—just the way your canvassers view their data.

Not abandoning the old school

Technophobic canvassers can print PDF walk sheets, broken down by city, precinct, street, and odd/even house numbers. Walk sheets will prompt them to select tags you’ve selected.

Later, your canvassers can easily record their information, or have other volunteers do so, using the same breakdown they saw on paper.