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How do I import voters into my database?

You can import data from any comma-separated value (CSV) file, with one row representing each voter record. You can find more information here about how to format your import file and what data types we can import.

You can do as many data imports as you want, and Camelot will automatically merge duplicate records by voter ID or various other criteria, including contact information, name, and date of birth.

How can I change my billing options or cancel my account?

If you are an account administrator, you can see your current plan, past invoices, and billing information under the Account tab at the top right of any Camelot page. From there, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan, change your credit card information, or cancel your account. You can cancel your amount at any time.

How do I create custom lists?

Custom lists are essentially saved searches, based on any criteria you select. They are updated in real time, so a list will always include all of the people who match its criteria. That means, for example, a list of people who have been contacted in your Q4 Donations phone bank will grow as more people are contacted.

To create a custom list, first run the search query associated with the list (under the People tab, then the Search button). While viewing the query results, you'll see a button at right that says Save as Custom List; clicking that button will allow you to name your list and make it public, if you choose to do so and have sufficient permissions. Public lists are visible to everyone with an account and can be used for outreach.

Do you offer discounts for long-term arrangements?

We do! If you choose to prepay for six months, we offer a discount of 10%; for a 12 month commitment, we offer a 15% discount. Discounts are also available to consultants who are running a number of concurrent campaigns with Camelot.

Please contact us by email to discuss long-term or multiple-account discounts.

What types of outreach can I conduct through Camelot?

Camelot includes four types of outreach: phone banks, door-to-door canvasses, blast emails, and direct (paper) mailings.