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Services for Not-for-Profits

Camelot is a constituent relationship management (CRM) platform built for nonprofits and campaigns, not sales organizations. We can help you manage your supporters and conducted targeted outreach.

Manage supporters, donors, volunteers, and more

Many nonprofits have different databases for different people: one list tracks donors and another volunteers, for example, but the two aren’t connected. Camelot has one database for all of your contacts. You can add unlimited tags, custom field values, and notes to record who’s who. Learn more about our contact database.

With custom lists, you can easily segment your single database based on any criteria you’d like. So instead of sending a blast email to your whole list, you can conducted targeted outreach. Past donors may receive an email asking for end-of-year contributions; volunteers are asked to phone bank at critical times.

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Outreach built in

Understanding your contacts is a critical step, but how you use it is what counts. Your Camelot database is designed to support timely, targeted, and effective outreach that drives results for your organization.

Camelot has four types of outreach built in: automated phone banks, door-to-door canvasses (on paper or online), blast emails, and direct mailings. You choose which contacts receive which outreach, and Camelot will automatically record who received what. If your volunteers speak with Jane Smith during a phone bank, you can read about that interaction before your next conversation.

Designed for the whole organization

Although many organizations struggle to get the information they need out of their CRM systems—or, worse still, from their Excel spreadsheets or Access databases—the bigger challenge is making sure that key data is entered into the system. Camelot is easy to use and includes unlimited users at no cost, so your whole staff can work from a single, comprehensive database.

With custom user roles, you don’t have to worry about who has access to what: just restrict permissions however you’d like. That means that you can allow your volunteers to add and edit data about your contacts, but not delete contacts or send them blast emails. Everybody can do what they need to in Camelot—but nothing more than you allow.