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Services for Consultants

Camelot is designed to fit right into your workflow. That means that political consultants and campaign managers can focus on what they do best—developing a voter targeting, messaging, and outreach strategy—and we’ll help you execute it.

We offer the same software to political consultants that we offer to campaigns—that is, a full suite of voter database and outreach tools. As an administrator, you control how much access your users have, so you can make strategic decisions behind the scenes but allow campaign staff and volunteers to conduct outreach.

Consultants we’ve worked with cite two important advantages to Camelot:

  1. We make your life easier. Consultants and campaign managers need easy access to data and clear visibility into the status of the campaign. We can do away with Excel functions and pivot tables; we can make complicated phone banking and canvassing operations obselete.
  2. We help you make your clients happy. You can offer Camelot as an extension of your own services—so in addition to your strategic guidance, you’re supplying the political technology necessary to win. We offer a discount for consulting firms, which you can pass on to your clients.
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Here’s how it works.

You would create a Camelot account for your clients, which is available online from anywhere. You can import voter data, create targeted lists, and set up tags for recording important information about your clients’ constituents. You then use Camelot to conduct outreach—send blast emails, create direct mailings, and operate phone banks and door-to-door canvasses. You can give your clients’ staff and volunteers their own user accounts with limited data, so they can see what’s happenin while you retain control.

Camelot is a simple, powerful way for you to help your clients win. Email us to talk about how we can help you.