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Camelot Grassroots

Manage your campaign website

Use Camelot to manage every aspect of your website—from static content, news, and blog posts to an integrated action center with events, petitions, and volunteer forms.

Unlimited content
Create as many custom pages as your campaign needs to get your message across
Online fundraising
Create as many custom pages as your campaign needs to get your message across
Simple forms
Gather email addresses, opinions, volunteer signups, and more with custom forms
Integrated action center
Supporters can create accounts, join groups, sign petitions, and volunteer
Complete control
Limitless flexibility to create and customize your website

Features for managing your website

  • Google Analytics, built in
  • Update content without touching code
  • Manage petitions, groups, events, etc.
  • Integrated fundraising
  • Full administrative tools
  • Instantly swap design themes
  • Unlimited custom templates
  • Rich-text, Markdown editors built-in
  • Code-free style changes with Sass
  • Use our custom template logic
  • Fully hosted—even use your domain
  • Custom forms to gather supporter info
  • Easy import & export
  • Host all your website images & assets
  • Preview unpublished pages

Focus on content—no coding necessary

You shouldn’t have to be a developer to edit your website. With Camelot, non-technical members of your team can edit content without touching code, using our built-in what-you-see-is-what-you-get rich text editor or our markdown editor.

Just to be safe, you can preview pages or changes before publishing, so everything gets a second look. And your content exists outside your design, so your website’s look can change without affecting its content.

Easily change your design with themes

Use themes to experiment with different layouts and designs. Download public themes and switch between themes in an instant—without editing your content.

Your themes can include custom templates or inherit from an existing theme. You can also have different variations on each theme, using the same templates with different stylesheets or images.

Infinitely customizable

Although Camelot comes with a ready-to-use theme right out of the box, there are virtually no limits on the sites you can design. You can use any custom templates, stylesheets, and images you want.

Our custom template logic also gives you the flexibility to determine what Camelot data is shown, where it appears, and how it is presented.

And you’re not locked into some generic site oragnization—in fact, this site itself is powered by Camelot.

Code-free design changes with variables

Camelot supports Sass right out of the box. Sass is a superset of CSS that provides variables, nesting, and other useful features to vanilla CSS. We’ll automatically export your files to CSS that browsers can read.

We’ve even built Sass support right into our template engine: create a new Sass file with $variables defined up front. We’ll let you edit those variables without touching any code, and we even provide a color picker for simple color changes.

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