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Camelot Grassroots

Build your grassroots supporter network

Supporters are at the center of Grassroots. Engage with your constituents by allowing them to create their own profiles, join groups, create events, sign petitions, and more—and use that data to target the right people with the right message.

Keep growing
See how your supporter community is growing, or take action if it isn’t
Identify top supporters
View most engaged supporters, using criteria you specify
Track supporters with tags
Target supporters based on any custom tags you create
Statistics on your supporter base
Understand your grassroots supporters and target your message appropriately

Let your supporters express themselves

Invite your supporters to create their own profiles, including—if they choose to share—their names, locations, photos, and reasons for supporting your cause.

Every supporter’s profile allows them to create their own fundraising pages and to write blog posts. You can also see groups people have joined and petitions they have signed, so you know who’s who.

Measure—and encourage—engagement

Decide what you want your supporters to do, encourage them to do it, and keep track of who’s doing it best.

Camelot gives every grassroots supporter an engagement score, which measures their activity in your community. You set the values for various actions—donations, group membership, signed petitions, etc.—to encourage the behavior your campaign needs.

Engagement scores help create friendly competition among your supporters. And, of course, they’re fully searchable, so you can easily find your top supporters.

Put your data to use

Everything your supporters do is automatically searchable—you can filter by demographic information, location, groups, engagement score, or almost anything else.

Better yet, you can create lists of supporters who match criteria you specify. Those lists come with reports to help you understand the average profile of people they include.

Best of all, you can use these lists for targeted outreach. If you have Camelot HQ, you can target phone banks, canvasses, direct mailings, and blast emails toward specific lists.

Don’t let anything fall through the cracks

Create tasks to make sure that you, your staff, and your volunteers are following up on important voter contact.

Tasks are tied to specific supporters, and you can set a due date for time-sensitive tasks.

You can also assign tasks to specific campaign members—for instance, to have the candidate speak with undecided supporters or big donors—and can categorize tasks so you know what work is left to do.

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