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Camelot Grassroots

Help your supporters organize themselves

Enable your supporters to create and join groups aligned with their interests and identities. Groups help your supporters organize through online discussions, events, and group-sponsored fundraising drives.

Host group events
Tag events by groups, so people with similar interests can meet up
Encourage dialogue
A built-in discussion board for groups makes organizing easy
See stats, at a glance
Quickly see a group’s membership, events, and more
Catch up on the latest
Check out what’s happened in your groups since your last visit

Features for creating online community with groups

  • Hubs for grassroots organizing
  • Sponsored events and fundraising
  • Fully searchable; sort by new/popular
  • Create unlimited groups
  • See membership growth statistics
  • Filter members by name, join date
  • Optionally require approval
  • Integrated with your voter database
  • Decentralize your organizing network

Foster a sense of community

Groups aren’t just a useful way to understand who your constitutents are and what they care about—they’re also a way to enable supporters to connect with each other.

Within each group, members can have discussions about issues that are important to them: the candidate’s position on a major issue, opportunities to get involved, planning for events, and more.

Connect online—and offline

Online organizing is most effective when it encourages offline connections.

Your groups can host, publicize, and collect RSVPs for their own events. Online discussion can then turn into offline action.

As with all Camelot events, group-hosted events are fully searchable, and RSVPs are tagged to voters in your database.

Keep tabs on what’s going on

Although groups are public, they’re connected to powerful backend tools that you can use as a Grassroots administrator.

See who’s signing up and when, filter group memberships, and see group affiliations in your voter’s records.

You also have full control: you can require approval for groups and events before they’re published and can edit or delete any content after the fact.

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