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Camelot Grassroots

Take your organization offline

Online activism is best when it leads to offline action. With Grassroots, you can plan events—or allow your supporters to plan their own. Your constituents can easily find and RSVP for events that interest them.

Find the right events for you
Filter events by time and location
Supporter-created events
Allow your supporters to create and manage grassroots events
Instant geocoding
We’ll put your events on a map, automatically
Personalized calendar
Keep track of your upcoming events
Instant geocoding
We’ll put your events on a map, automatically

Automatic publicity

As soon as you create an event, you can choose to share it on your website—no need to manually edit HTML.

Your events are also geocoded the moment you create them and shown on a map. This helps people find events they want to attend, since they can search by proximity to their homes, and to figure out where they’re going.

RSVPS, fully managed

In addition to publicizing events, we make handling RSVPs easy. Supporters can respond (and change their responses) right from your website, and they can see a list of their upcoming events so they never forget.

You can restrict RSVPs to supporters with Grassroots accounts, or you can open them up to anyone with a name and email address.

RSVPs are always available in real time, so you and your supporters can see how many people are expected at each event.

Planned by the grassroots

Your campaign shouldn’t be the bottleneck. Anytime your supporters want to get together, your campaign should help, not stand in the way.

Grassroots allows your supporters to organize and publicize their own events. Others can RSVP, just as they would for an official event.

But you still have the control you need: you can edit or delete any events you don’t support, or you can require approval before events are published.

Track RSVPS and attendance

All events—whether planned by the campaign or independently by supporters—are fully integrated with your Camelot account.

You can see and filter RSVPs, which are automatically attached to existing voter records so you have a fuller picture of your constituents and their interests. During the event, you can even record attendees and no-shows.

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