Managing Your Web Presence

Camelot Grassroots is designed to help you connect your campaign’s headquarters—responsible for voter analysis, messaging, and outreach strategy—with your public-facing, grassroots efforts, which increasingly are conducted online. To make that connection a seamless one, Camelot can host your website and your organizing site.

Throughout Camelot, and throughout this documentation, we distinguish between your website and your organizing site:

Your website includes any custom content you want to provide your visitors, whether they are supporters, opponents, undecided voters, or anyone else. This is strictly a distribution channel, not a means for two-way engagement. Your website will likely include a page about your organization or candidate, information about pertinent issues, details about balloting, etc. This content is static—it does not change often, and it is the same for every visitor.

Your organizing site is the public-facing version of Grassroots, which allows your supporters to create their own profiles, join groups, participate in discussions, create and RSVP for events, develop and sign petitions, and more. This is dynamic—the content of the site is constantly changing as your supporters engage with it, and different supporters see different versions of the content (depending on their own groups, upcoming events, and the like).

Your website can contain any pages you want, with any content you want. The content of your organizing site will be determined by your supporters, and you can change the look and feel of the site, but the types of pages available to you and your supporters are already defined.

Managing your website and organizing site

In most organizations, the people who write and edit content for your website will be different from the people who design it. Camelot is built with this distinction in mind. To that end, under your Website tab you’ll see a five different sections:

  • Analytics connects with Google Analytics provides you an at-a-glance look at some of your site’s key traffic metrics: how many unique visitors and total visits you’ve had over the past ten days, your major sources of traffic, incoming search terms, and the like.
  • Themes allow you to have multiple website designs, entirely separated from your content. You can experiment with new designs, use pre-existing designs, or temporarily switch your themes, without affecting your website content. Your pages will automatically updated to fit the look and feel of the theme you choose.
  • Content includes the custom website and fundraising pages created by your editorial staff. You can edit content without having any technical knowledge about how your website works: just choose the appropriate template and enter the information you need (dates, text using our rich editor, etc.).
  • Layout includes all aspects of your website’s design: wrappers, templates, stylesheets and images, etc.
  • Forms allow you to gather information from your website’s visitors. You define the data you want to gather, in the form of standard fields, custom fields, tags, event RVSPs, and notes, and Camelot will add the data it gathers to the appropriate person’s record in our database.