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Introducing Grassroots

Over the last few years we’ve had many clients use Camelot’s voter database and outreach tools to identify their supporters, target them with the right message, and get them to the polls. We’ve made it easy to do all of this with one tool: there’s no need for a separate email system, phone banking product, or walk sheet generator.

But we’ve consistently seen a trend toward wanting to do more—and in particular, to better link the campaign’s back office with its online presence and its supporters’ grassroots organizing.

We’ve introduced new functionality in bits and pieces, typically in response to the needs of specific clients. We added the ability to host a form on your own website that submits data to Camelot, eliminating the need for manual data entry and ensuring that your voter data and your website information are in sync. We made it possible to open phone banks to supporters without Camelot accounts, so they can make calls from home without requiring direct support from campaign headquarters. But these additions were never fully integrated into Camelot.

We wanted to change that.

Introducing Grassroots: a new tool for grassroots organizing and website management

For the past few months, we’ve been working on a new product, called Grassroots. Grassroots is designed to work with our existing product, Camelot HQ, or to serve as a stand-alone platform.

Grassroots adds a number of new features that we think campaigns, not-for-profits, and community groups need.

  • Fully manage your website. We’ll handle the hosting; you just focus on the content. You can use a built-in theme, or you have complete flexibility to change the design to suit your needs. There’s no cookie-cutter layout; in fact, this site is fully powered by Grassroots.
  • Create an online community. Encourage your supporters to organize from the ground up. Grassroots gives you and your supporters the tools they need: groups and forums to discuss issues and outreach, petitions to voice their opinions, events to meet and organize in person, and more.
  • Generate and process contributions. Fundraising is essential to any campaign or organization, and Grassroots helps you do it more efficiently. You don’t need a merchant account or any technical knowledge to get up and running: you can start accepting contributions in about 60 seconds. Create as many fundraising pages as you’d like—even allow your supporters and groups to create personalized fundraising pages so they can raise money from their friends.
  • Manage your website forms and mailing list. Your website isn’t just for you to share information—it’s also a tool to learn from your constituents. Use Grassroots to create as many web forms as you’d like, with responses added directly to your database and attached to the appropriate person’s record.

And, of course, Grassroots is fully integrated with Camelot HQ. Events you create in HQ can be shown on your Grassroots websites, so supporters can RSVP online. Donations are added to voter records, so you see a fuller picture of your supporters. Mailing list subscribers from your Grassroots site are added to your existing HQ email list.

Try Grassroots today

We’re releasing Grassroots today in beta while we iron out the remaining kinks. There is no charge to use Grassroots during this period, and our standard 14-day trial allows you to try HQ at no charge as well.

To try a demo, sign up for a demo administrative account or check out our test website at

When you’re ready to create your own account, sign up here.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact us by email and we’ll be happy to help.