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Improved Canvass Progress Tracking

Camelot’s door-to-door canvassing feature has helped large and small campaigns solve one of the principal problems that canvassing operations often face: how to input and process the data that canvassers gather in the field.

Canvasses in Camelot include a number of features that help track progress. A progress bar for the overall canvass shows how many households have been contacted thus far, and a pie chart of household encounters shows at a glance how many successful, unsuccessful, and pending contacts have occurred thus far. Finally, a tag graph provides valuable intelligence about virtually any criteria you choose, so you can see how many supporters you’ve identified, which issues are most important, which voters have voted early, and more.

Today we add a new feature that will make tracking progress easier, not just in aggregate but at the city, precinct, and street levels.

City, precinct, and street progress indicators

For a large canvassing operation, it’s not sufficient to know the progress of the overall campaign—with thousands of tens of thousands of targeted households, that won’t tell you much. Now, when you view any canvass, you’ll see your progress by city:

Then by precinct:

And, finally, by street:

You can hover your mouse over any of these indicators to see exactly how many people have been contacted so far and how many remain to be contacted.

We hope this helps our canvassers in the field. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to let us know.