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How Camelot Works: A Primer

A few weeks ago, we changed our pricing and signup process to allow campaigns of all sizes to start using Camelot, for free, in minutes. Since then, a number of candidates and campaigns have asked us for advice about how Camelot can fit into their campaign workflow.

We’ve put together a rough primer for how Camelot can help campaigns. Of course, there is significant variation from one campaign to the next, but the general approach is common throughout:

  • Upload, clean, and understand your voter data
  • Train campaign staff to use your voter database and campaign software
  • Set up tags and lists to track supporters, undecided voters, absentee voters, and other important segments
  • Begin broad-based outreach long before the election—this introduces the candidate to voters and helps identify supporters, volunteers, and donors
  • Conduct phone banks and door-to-door canvasses to create a personal connection with voters
  • Send targeted emails and direct mailings based on your knowledge of levels of support, demographics, and key issues for your voters
  • In the weeks before the election, determine your core voting bloc—that is, the supporters whose votes your campaign needs to win
  • On election day, send blast emails and conduct phone banks to make sure your supporters cast their ballots

Please contact us if we can help you and your campaign, or read about how our campaign software can can help you win.