Fully integrated campaign & non-profit solution

Your constituent database, canvassing organizer, website, and grassroots network—all in one

Identify & understand your constituents
Engage with online supporters
Conduct targeted canvasses & mailings
Publicize and manage events
Improve your online fundraising
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Camelot HQ

Constituent database and outreach

Voter database & microtargeting
Automated canvassing & email
Fundraising & event tracking

Camelot Grassroots

Website and grassroots organizing

Full website management
Online supporter action center
Online fundraising & analytics

Understand your constituents better than ever

Full-featured voter profiles

See the full picture for all of your voters. Every voter profile includes background data, contact information, outreach history, tags and notes, household members, and anything else you need to know.

Simple yet powerful search & filtering

Camelot doesn’t dictate how you should slice your data—we give you free reign to filter any way you want. All fields are searchable, and our simple, graphical query builder means no IT help required.

Instant reports for any query

Draw actionable conclusions from your data: for any list you create or search you run, we’ll instantly show you a breakdown of matching voters. Immediate answers to important questions: find likely voters, important issues, demographic trends, and more.

Conduct targeted outreach, any way you’d like

Canvass your voters, online or on paper

Camelot makes canvassing easy. Just choose a target list based on any criteria you specify, and we’ll automatically put together a phone bank or walk sheets—simple canvassing by phone or in person, by mobile device or on paper.

Targeted direct mailings and blast email

Tailor your message to the right audience. With our email management and direct mailings, you can send a targeted message to small groups. We’ll handle sending emails and generating mailing labels.

Real-time results and updates

Headquarters can always stay in the loop: see real-time updates on canvassing and mailings stats, so you can change course early or start to act on your new information.

Fully integrate your back-office and grassroots outreach


Your Website, at Your Domain

Custom Forms



Phone Banking



Manage your website and grassroots interactions

Manage your content, no developers needed

Your Camelot website works right out of the box. Choose an existing theme, and then focus on writing content in our rich text editor—no need to edit HTML. You can change your theme or design at any point without losing any content.

Foster an active grassroots community

Use your website to help your supporters take action. They can create their own profiles, join groups, create and RSVP for events, sign petitions, and more. Provide the tools a robust grassroots network needs.

Infinitely customizable

Developers have unlimited flexibility in creating their websites. Use any CSS stylesheets, images, or templates you want. With our custom HTML logic, you can specify how and where Camelot data is displayed.

Process and track donations from your website

Start accepting contributions right away

Your campaign can accept contributions today, without a complicated application process. You can accept donations from any major credit card, and we’ll deposit the funds automatically in your bank account.

Personalize your approach to fundraising

Don’t rely on just one voice: in addition to unlimited fundraising pages your campaign creates, your supporters can create personalized fundraising appeals so they can solicit donations from their friends.

Sophisticated fundraising analytics

Successful fundraising requires experimentation, and Camelot gives you the data you need to determine what works and what doesn’t. Track your fundraising over time, filter contributions by date and amount, and see how different pages compare.

For Campaigns

Camelot was designed for political campaigns: dozens have used our software to manage their voter targeting and outreach.

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For Consultants

We work with consulting firms to use Camelot throughout their client bases, consolidating systems and expertise. White-label option and discounts available.

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For Not-for-Profits

Not-for-profits face the same challenges as political campaigns, only without the built-in infrastructure provided by state and local parties. We provide that infrastructure.

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